Babylon 5 Remastered

In January 2021 Warner Bros. released a new HD remaster of the ’90s TV sci-fi show Babylon 5 on the HBO Max platform for two years, as well as making it available for HD digital purchase in places like iTunes/Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Microsoft Store/Xbox, Google Play Store/YouTube and Vudu (at least in the US, Canada, UK, France and Australia). After a couple of years, the show was removed from HBO Max but shortly after appeared on Tubi.

This remaster is a huge improvement in picture quality and for the most part means the show now looks the best it ever has – for more on the detail of this see here.

There are however a few errors in the release, which this site aims to collate and raise the visibility.

The most significant error on the initial release was that two sections of footage had been removed from two episodes. After a few weeks the missing scenes were restored on HBO Max, and shortly after that also on iTunes/AppleTV. On Google Play/YouTube one of the episodes has been fixed but not the other, and on Amazon and Vudu both episodes are still missing the scenes, two years after initial release.

As well as these missing scenes, there are some other, more cosmetic, issues which would also improve the release if fixed. This list is a work-in-progress, please take a look and get in touch to help verify the issues on different platforms. Many thanks for the submissions so far – special mention to the sterling work of Redditor bfrazer1.

Anyone who has purchased these episodes on another platform, is encouraged to raise these issues with their platform provider so they can be addressed.

With luck in time these errors will be fixed and this site will gratefully disappear in a puff of smoke!

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